Who is AGP?

DC-based. Coffee fanatic. Portrait and people lover.


Because I believe in people. I believe in their ability to surprise us through vulnerability, courage, resilience, and their propensity to show up for themselves and others.

I believe in the power of storytelling through portraits because everyone is interesting and different.

I believe life is more than just the big moments and that every love story, accomplishment, and phase of life is worth documenting.

Everyone is a portrait.

I’m a photographer and I'm also a human.

On any typical day, you can find me reading or writing over the perfect cup or coffee/espresso, weight lifting, or talking to my cats. I've been in the DC area for a decade and love being out and about. Even after all of this time, there is always a new adventure and the next cup of coffee. My friends, connections, and community mean the world to me.

Because of them and my experience working in mental health, working with people brings me so much joy. The artistic shot and stylized shoot is just as important as the connection we make and fun we have while doing it. You should be able to feel a photo just as you can see it.

Of all the things that can cause stress in our days, photoshoots should not be one of them. Say hello. Meet me for coffee. Talk to me about your vision and we will make it happen.